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How to Wash Baby Clothes? – The Bespoke Laundry

Do you need cute baby wash clothes? Why is it important to learn about how to wash baby clothes? Babies have a weak immune system because it is still in development. So, they have more chances to catch diseases and infections from anywhere. Clothes are the things from where your child can get germs. Choosing the best baby wash clothes is one of the most important things to prevent your baby from germs. For children, washing clothes is not enough to prevent them from infectious diseases because their immune system is too weak. Their clothes need some extra care.

Let’s check out what steps we have to apply for cute baby washcloths

Prepare the baby’s clothes for washing.

The first thing before disinfecting and cleaning your child’s clothes is to understand the importance of washing clothes of your little toddler. As you are a newcomer so you require some preparations before washing clothes. Before starting preparation, it is important to always wash your child’s clothes because they contain many harmful diseases before buying or during traveling home.

Some important tips for washing baby clothes.

  • First, check the brand of the cloth. By this, you will be able to know the type of material and how it reacts after washing.
  • Check the type of detergent you are using. Check the list of chemicals used in detergent, whether they are harmful or not. We recommend you to use the non-chemical detergent. This detergent is specially made for babies.
  • Soak the clothes in the water before washing but only if the material permits it. Soak In hot water will kill many harmful bacteria.
  • Always wash child clothes separately. By this, the germs of other clothes do not transfer to your child’s clothes.
  • After the wash, soak the clothes in the warm water. This can make sure that the allergenic germs and detergent are killed.
  • After the wash, dry the clothes in the heat or sun. Sunlight is a natural cleanser. Make sure that you dry the clothes in the sunlight, but if not possible then dry them in a sterile, clean, and warm room

How to wash baby clothes by hand?

We recommend you wash your toddler clothes by hand instead of cleaning them in a washing machine. Maybe you think that how to wash baby clothes by hand. Don’t worry, we will show you all steps of washing baby clothes. Just follow these steps properly.

Sanitize and purify your hands.

Always keep in mind that your hands are the main source of getting and transferring bacteria. So, don’t forget to sanitize and purify your hands before washing your baby’s clothes. This will save you and your child.

Check the water temperature:

Before washing your child’s clothes, it is important to measure the water temperature. If the temperature of water you are using for washing clothes is extremely hot, then it will change the cohesion of your child’s clothes causing tears and rips. Besides, extremely hot water will burn hands.

 Use non-chemical, eco-friendly detergent.

Always remember that your child’s body is completely different from your body. Using harmful detergents could cause damage to your child’s skin, cause resistant reactions, and sometimes injure your baby’s body. Make sure that the detergent you are using to wash your child’s clothes is eco-friendly and non-chemical. You can also make detergent by yourself. Not a difficult task and you will be sure about how harmful it is because you know which chemicals you put in.

Soak the clothes before and after.

As the clothes in the stores contain many harmful germs due to which bacteria can be produced. We recommended you to soak the clothes in warm water to make sure that all bacteria get deleted. Soak them for at least half an hour before wash, then wash and after the wash again soak them in warm water.

Dry the clothes of your baby.

It is important to dry your child’s clothes after a complete wash. Dry the clothes in heat or sunlight. As we discuss above that sunlight is a natural cleanser. So, if possible dry your child’s clothes in sunlight instead of heat. Keep in mind that do not wear your child’s damp clothes because damp clothes contain fungal bacteria and your child will get it.

How to wash your babys clothes in washing machines

How to wash your baby’s clothes in washing machines?

Firstly, we recommended you wash your child’s clothes by hand. It is exhausting and time taking. Some parents who are not able to wash clothes by hand can use the washing machine. Here are some steps to washing clothes in the washing machine.

Before washing your clothes, wash your child’s clothes first. It will avoid the transferring of bacteria from your clothes to your child’s clothes. So, always wash your child’s clothes firsts.

Soak with soap.

To make sure a complete wash, soak your child’s clothes in water. Make the temperature of water to about 30-35 degrees Celsius. Add detergent, a half cup will be enough. Soak the clothes in it for about half an hour. This will remove the harmful germs from the clothes. Then put these clothes in the washing machine.

Wash the clothes twice by using the rinse option.

Clean the clothes by running the rinse option twice. Some clothes will not be fully clean from detergents and fabrics after one rinse. So, it is important to run the rinse option twice. One wash with detergent or soap and another wash with no detergent or soap. Make sure that the second rinse and spin cycle should apply with water only.

If your baby skin endures from eczema, then applying the rinse option twice is best.

You can also take advice from your doctor on how to wash clothes in the washing machine.

Important note: Put the socks of your child in lingerie or a mesh bag. Because you can lose those tiny miniature socks. Just think of your socks which you are placing without their partners.

Disinfect your baby’s clothes.

Just washing your child’s clothes is not enough. Disinfection is also important. Here are some easy steps to disinfect your baby’s clothes.

  • Firstly, identify the potential stains on your baby clothes and disinfect them. This step is very important because some stains are due to proteins like breast milk or meat and these types of proteins attract the harmful types of bacteria. Do this before soaking. Make sure that you disinfect those stains by using baby detergent. You can buy baby detergent from any pharmacy.
  • Remove any bodily fluid, snot, and drool. Bodily fluids like proteins also contain harmful bacteria.  These fluids can be a breeding point for bacteria to develop. So, always wash your child’s clothes with a disinfectant that is baby-friendly.
  • We recommended you soak your child’s clothes in white vinegar. Recently, white vinegar is claimed as a natural disinfectant. Put one cup of white vinegar in the water tub and soak the clothes for at least 30 min. Then, put it in the washing machine.


Wash your baby’s clothes every 2 or 3 days. Wash in the rinse, warm water. Do not use chemical fabrics or detergents because it can irritate your baby’s body. Do brief research before picking a baby detergent. Follow the above-mentioned instructions when washing your child’s clothes. It will keep you and your baby safe from germs.

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